Another New Year Running Blog!

So here we go again.   Another New Year – another “I’m going to get fit” blog.   Yes it’s true.   I need to, as I’m not fit, and have a variety of minor ailments that I’m trying to treat.

So why the blog?  Well, to find support really.  And to make some sort of commitment that I might actually do this!

I do have support at home – my wife has also started ParkRun recently, and our 8 year old Whippett / Daughter also has the bug.  I do enjoy it when I get out, but, at the moment, my problem is completing runs.   I know what you say – get someone to drop you 5k from home, with no money, and you’ll have to get home!  Quite right, that might work.  But what I’ve not completed my last 3 ParkRuns, and I’m trying to work out why.

Let me be quite clear – ParkRun is a great organization, run by enthusiastic volunteers to aid people to get enjoyment out of running. However last weekend I knew I wasn’t going to complete the run when, only just over half-way round the first lap of three, I was lapped by the leading runner!  Now I know I’m a bit of a plodder – between 33-35 mins generally for the 5ks I have completed – and there are often a couple of other plodders as well.  But ours is a smallish ParkRun, averaging about 120 runners.  I’ve heard of others who regularly attract over 300.  Also, the majority of our regular runners are considerably faster than me, meaning that, within about 400 yrds, I’m plodding in my own space for the duration.   Also our course is a round a very nice open park, meaning that at several points round, you can see the other runners way ahead.   Now none of is this is a criticism – it’s a great park to run round, and the support of the volunteer marshalls is always encouraging.  However I find the way the run leaves me so isolated so quickly, and the fact that I am lapped before I’ve completed one lap, and that I see finishers peeling off to get their times as I come round to just start my final lap, a little bit dispiriting.

And I don’t expect people to regularly sacrifice their own runs to pace me – if there is someone else around my pace I will try and run with them, as I did last weekend.  However it was clear to me after just over a lap that the juice just wasn’t in the tank.

Tomorrow my wife and the whippet are planning to join a good friend of ours at Worcester for their New Years Day run.  Sadly I don’t think my leg will allow me to join in – I did the Worcester course at Easter and really enjoyed it.  As a course I found it more interesting as you spend a lot of time in the woods, and as it is only two laps there is less chance for being lapped and seeing finishers peel off ahead of you.   Also as a much larger run – regularly over 350 people – there are many more plodders around my pace to latch onto.  Each of these factors will, I know, help my fragile confidence.

The other thing I have to bear in mind that, as my job requires me to work odd ours, including a lot of evenings and weekend, regular running clubs are generally out of my remit.

But my wife is also gaining confidence from the support she is getting from the online community at Run Mummy Run.   So I have decided to try the whole online running – blogging support thing, and this is my attempt to find support from the other running bloggers out there, as I know there are at least 4 of you.   I’ve registered with Strava, to record my runs, Jantastic to maintain my challenge (currently 2 runs a week), UK Run Chat to find new friends to, and to get the odd little reward, once I’ve completed a few more runs!

So if you fancy chatting to an old – well 42, but my body currently feels a lot older! – plodder with a dodgy right foot and quite a few extra bags of sugar to get rid of – then climb on board.  I’d love to hear from you, offer you some support, and receive some back.

It would be good to connect, and even better to feel confident once again with my running!

Happy New Year!


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    You did do the NY Worcester run, a great start!


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